At Timer Guys, we can handle all your event production and timing needs. We specialize in timing and managing running events, triathlons, duathlons, obstacle races, cycling events and adventure races. Timer Guys is here to help build or fine tune your event offering a full range of services from start to finish. We are committed to helping you create the first class event you always wanted and giving your participants the desire to come back year after year. Timer Guys directly owns and completely manages over a dozen events throughout the year, so we understand what it takes to properly run an event.


We utilize the highest quality chip timing equipment from MyLaps Sports Timing in all of our events. We can offer systems that provide a “green” returnable chip or a disposable timing chip embedded in the race number. Our timing teams have the experience and necessary skills to make sure even the most complicated event timing situations run smoothly.

Championchip Timing System
Perfect for triathlons! The ChampionChip can be worn in different ways. For running events, the ChampionChip is attached to the runner’s shoelace. In triathlons, it is attached to an ankle bracelet. The different types of timing chips can be collected and recycled or used in a disposable manner.

MyLaps Bibtag System
Perfect for running events! The Bib Tag Timing system includes a disposable timing chip attached to the bib number. As runners cross the finish line, a chip in the bib number will record their time. The system is very accurate and is an IAAF method of timing because the time registration tag is on the bib.

The BibTag System provides more friendly handling during the Packet Pickup process – Just one thing the participant has to remember to bring race morning – the Race Bib #. The disposable system allows runners to have more flexibility at the finish line, since removal of the chip is no longer required.

Our chip timing services include:

  • Digital finish line clock display
  • Starting horn/pistol
  • Finish line structure
  • Data entry of all race day entrants
  • Awards and results available instantaneously as participants cross the finish
  • Customized and detailed reports
  • Final results posted within 15 minutes of last finisher
  • Same day website posting of results, usually within two hours

Additional Timing Services Include:

  • Text message and social media updates
  • Onsite live results display – Shown on large screen at finish
  • Athlete photography
  • Announcer line – Allows the announcer to identify participants as they cross a timing point. Information such as name, city, age, interesting facts, etc. will be seen instantaneously.
  • Split Points – Can be set anywhere along the course to capture timing data. For example, capturing the 5k split time of a 10k course or the half-marathon split time of a marathon
  • Live streaming of results online
  • Live online streaming of finish line

We can help you create the perfect event or revitalize a “classic” race. We have years in the racing industry designing, planning, and executing road races tailored specifically to meet the needs on the hosting organization – and the runners they wish to attract. Whether you want to start a 5K or a Marathon, raise funds for a non-profit, or take your event to the next level; Timer Guys can help you along the road to a great race.

The race directors at Timer Guys have been certified by the Road Running Club of America. There are less than 150 race directors that have this credential throughout the US.

Because every race and organization is different and has different needs, we tailor all of our services to that specific event so as to provide it with the best services possible to meet its individual needs.

Our directing services can include:

  • Onsite guidance by an RRCA certified race director on race day
  • Event consulting
  • City permits and event sanctioning
  • Coordinate police and road closures
  • Course layout, design, and logistical needs
  • Sponsorship design
  • Recommendations on event item vendors
  • Submission of results to Kansas Road Running Records if requirements are met

By using Timer Guys for your race directing needs, we help to take care of the logistics of the run which allows you to focus on gaining sponsors, volunteers, and participants. Organizing races is what we do. Let us save you countless hours and headaches by taking this portion off your plate.


Need advice but don’t need us to direct the event? We can help walk you through any event related details and logistics all at a simple flat fee of $75 per hour.


Our team is certified to accurately measure courses under the precise guidelines set forth by USA Track and Field and the Road Running Technical Council. This allows you to be certain that the distance that your runners travel is the exact distance that you want. Other methods of measuring a course such as online mapping, GPS devices, or car odometers, can cause the true race distance to be off by up to 200 meters for a 5K. This can be a big difference for anyone wanting to run for a personal best time. State and national records and honor roll times are only accepted on certified courses, as it is the standard that allows race times to be compared to each other. A course certification is also valid for 10 years from when it is submitted, so long as there are no changes to the road or course. You can rest assured that your course will be measured to the same standard as many of the most prestigious races in the country.

Once certified, you will be able to publish and use the USATF Certified Course logo in conjunction with its assigned course number on any promotional materials and websites. This helps to give credibility to your race and assures runners that you are serious about the event and care about the accuracy of their times.


Online race registration can take away all your registration fears; no paper forms, filing systems or collecting money. is a seamless online registration system that creates professional customized registration site for your event and allows you to collect donations, enter paper registrations, and assign bib numbers on the site itself. The small processing charge is part of the registration process and paid during registration by the participant

We can make online registration simple and understandable by creating your registration page through Funds can be collected and mailed, or directly deposited to your bank account through RunSignUp. Participant data is stored online and many useful embeddable widgets exist for your own site such as registration, participant look-up, and volunteer signup. You can set up promo codes, teams, and so much more. We will walk you through the site and make sure you are fully familiar with the capabilities. This helps to make the registration process easy and effective.


If you need it, we probably have it. As a function of producing so many events, we own and warehouse a wide array of equipment. We understand that it may not be in your budget to utilize our full timing services, or that you might have a larger event that requires additional equipment.

We provide the following equipment for rental:

  • Inflatable start/finish arches
  • Aluminum finish line truss
  • Race clocks
  • Race numbers/bibs
  • Safety vests, cones and signage
  • Steel barricades for crowd control
  • Traffic barricades for road closure
  • Event sound systems with microphones and iPod/CD plugin
  • Generators
  • Tables and chairs
  • Water coolers
  • Timing computers
  • Spray chalk/paint

This is only a partial list of what we can provide. We would be happy to provide a more comprehensive list at your request.